naturaSign Pad Classic - The classic signature pad

naturaSign Pad Classic - The follow-up to our popular classic!

The naturaSign Pad Classic with monochrome LCD screen and USB connection is the official successor to the classic naturaSign Pad I and II, of which one hundred thousand have already been sold and which is developed and manufactured by StepOver in Germany. Although on the outside it looks the same as its predecessor from the naturaSign Pad Standard series, the screen resolution has been increased, so images and text are displayed even better.

Stability, ergonomics and aesthetics at the height of classic style

This signature pad was the first to offer a black and white screen whilst being as thin as a CD case, yet managing to offer stability at the same time. Its high strength is due to the specially reinforced sides: 40% of its 10mm depth is dedicated to reinforcing the casing.

All StepOver signature pads are now as thin as, or thinner than our naturaSign Pad Classic.

Thanks to the standard mini-USB port, there are no more problems with the length of the cable. While desktop computers often require a long connection cable, with laptops, a shorter cable is more comfortable. With this port, there is also no more discomfort with having to connect the cable under the table in fixed workplaces.

Its ever-reliable features

The naturaSign Pad Classic features a horizontal slot to hold the pen, that protects it during transit, as well as another slot for use in retail locations that allows it to stand vertically. The pen (naturaPen) is connected to the device so it cannot be lost. Thanks to the use of a new special material, the stylus is particularly resistant to wear and, in turn, effectively protects the sensor, preventing it from becoming scratched.

As well as comfortable signing on the surface of the sensor, it is also possible, to a certain extent, to display specific texts for each client. To insert longer texts, we recommend our naturaSign Pad Mobile.

Also included is an internal clock that runs in real time and cannot be altered, which attaches a GMT time-stamp to signature data as it is captured.  All naturaSign Pad models feature a unique hardware identification number (serial number) that allows each signature to be accurately assigned to a specific signature pad.

The ideal signature pad for right-handed people...

Thanks to its flat design, displaced sensor range with underlying display and on-screen "rotate button", which enables the rotation by 180º of the signature pad and the hand support, for the first time both right- and left-handed people can adopt an optimal writing position, similar to that of a paper pad.

... and for left-handed people


The integrated monochrome display (LCD) shows the signature in real time and can be used to insert text, graphics, document extracts and interactive buttons.

On the back of the signature pad, there are two screw holes for table and wall mounting.

Thanks to the "Encrypted HID Standard", driver installation is not required for Windows XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Linux and MAC OSX. In addition to the display, the status LED indicates the operation mode (Off/No connection, Orange/Stand-by, Green/Signature recording).

The most secure method on the market

All naturaSign Pad Classic devices come complete with a unique digital signature certificate (2048 Bit RSA private key), with which the internal unit signs documents. Furthermore, this certificate allows, in case of inspection, each signature to be assigned to a signature pad.

There is also a second pair of keys (RSA 2048 Bit), created by a notary, in the processor of the signature pad. Biometric data is encrypted in the signature pad through this key, thereby ensuring that this highly confidential data cannot appear unencrypted in the unsecure environment of the computer (in the RAM, for example). The private key of this second pair of keys is safeguarded before a notary.

The unique security system of this StepOver electronic signature pad guarantees the user greater evidential weight, as it allows for later categorical confirmation that the signature data has never been used for any other purpose (for example, by accessing the RAM to copy the signature data and insert it into another document).

Attention: Bear in mind that the naturaSign Pad Classic is only compatible with latest generation software for electronic signatures (e.g. eSignatureOffice 4.x; Signature-API 4.x onwards).

Special functions and features:

  • Improved screen resolution
  • Third generation of the one hundred thousand-selling classic, the naturaSign Pad Standard
  • Comes with a protective case
  • Affordable signature pad from the naturaSign series (link to general section on hardware)

General features:

  • Save paper (forms) and therefore costs
  • No costs for printing, mailing, faxing or scanning of documents signed
  • More efficient workflow
  • Significantly faster turnaround
  • Easy to repeat failed signatures without paper and a waste of time
  • Suitable for right and left handed
  • Easily accessible and secure pen storage for left and right handed
  • No special pen required (without batteries or risk of cable breakage)
  • Additional pen holder on top of the case for stationary use
  • Pin fixing with generously sized spiral cord
  • Screw pillars for fixed mounting on stationary use
  • Unbeatable accurate detection of the signature data (maximum image resolution, pressure and time) for the best possible comparability by a handwriting expert
  • Document integrity is ensured by our unique security concept with asymmetric encryption
  • Equipped with the StepOver Long Life Sensor
  • USB cable: 1.8 m (replaceable with a standard USB cable up to 3m in length)
  • No extra power supply (USB - cable is sufficient)

The protective case for the naturaSign Pad Classic

The naturaSign Pad Classic devices comes as standard with a practical protective case for transport and travel (the protective case is included in the list price). The case is made of high-quality recyclable plastic (polyamide) material and was especially developed to meet the high demands of intensive use in the most testing conditions. The protective case contains space for the signature device and the required USB connecting cable. For project use, the signature pad is also offered without the protective case or, alternatively, with a textile case.

Prices and Article Numbers:

naturaSign Pad Classic

Order number (GTIN):

Product Category:
Signature pad for secure handwritten e-signature.

Unit price incl. VAT
Unit price excl. VAT

Accessories included:
User manual, protective case (polyamide transport box for the signature pad), USB connector for mini USB 1.8 m.

Technical Data

Real reporting rate:
500 4D coordinates / second (X, Y, pressure and time) - internal sampling rate min. 7000 samples/sec.

1000 dpi (real, i.e. not interpolated)

Pressure resolution:
512 levels (no special pen required)

AES 256 bit encrypted transmission

RSA 2048 Bit Digital-Signature creation unit, Public key (RSA 2048 bit - Key pair was generated by a notary public) for encryption of the biometric data in the pad, Date-Stamp from pad internal real time clock.

Comfort:                                                                                                          Monochrome display LCD) for real time signature reproduction and insertion of text, graphics and virtual buttons. No backlight necessary, due to transflexive LCD for indoor and outdoor operation.

USB 2.0 (downwards compatible with USB 1.x)

2 years

Please note: touch sensors are wearing parts and therefore not included in warranty!

Operating systems:
Windows XP (Service Pack 3 and above), Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OS 10.6, Snow Leopard and Lion 10.7
(running Windows virtually as a guest OS*)*

*Currently use on Mac machines is only possible by running Windows virtually as a guest operating system with VMWare Fusion. Bear in mind too that only StepOver signature pads can be used with this software on Macs with VMWare Fusion.

Note: It is possible that the licenses of VMWare Fusion and MS Windows will constitute an additional expense. For more information about VMWare Fusion, visit the website of the developer of VMWare.

Quality Assurance:
Individual testing of each device (processing, function and accuracy)

(WxDxH): 15 cm x 12 cm x 1 cm (5.9 x 4.7 x 0.4 inches)

Country of origin:
Germany (Made in Germany)

StepOver GmbH
(StepOver - Europe)

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This product has been approved by the TÜV (German Technical Inspection Association).

Thereby we safe jobs in Europe.

StepOver is a carbon neutral company. Approx. 10m² of new trees are also planted for every signature pad of this type purchased.


For a legally secure electronic signature, we recommend the "plug-and-sign" application eSignatureOffice in conjunction with the naturaSign Pad Classic.

For individual integration with maximum security, we recommend the programming interface Signatur-API.

Download demo

The software products developed by StepOver can be downloaded free of charge as a demo version from the information network.