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Since 1991, PRIMAKLIMA has been working as a global charity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, particularly CO2....

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Now available: Version 5 of the new eSignatureOffice, Europe’s best-selling signature solution for handwritten...

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Maximum durability for intensive stationary use.

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Since 2001 StepOver is developing hard- and software for electronic signatures which can be used as evidence at court....

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The webSignatureOffice SAAS (software as a service) Solution from StepOver now has an additional client – the...

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The signature pad naturaSign Pad Colour 2.0 is here!

After more than 4 years of great success - with over 40,000...

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Nedbank Group is one of South Africa's four largest banking groups by assets and deposits, with Nedbank Ltd a principal...

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The Banks’s community decided to implement a full paperless environment including the usage of Digital Biometric...

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The British government is investing in a digital overhaul of its job centres.

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StepOver signature pads from the "naturaSign Pad Series" can now also be operated in a client-server environment on the...

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People say that things come to those who wait. We are pleased to be able to now present the new website for StepOver,...

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After spending over a year on the development, we are now proud to present to our customers our two new pieces of...

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As part of the continuing adaptation to its new request software, EASY, ERGO Insurance Group has set in motion the...

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Belgium combats identity theft with the new biometric passport. StepOver contributes the electronic signature.

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Our clients desire to have a thicker pen for their signature systems at counters or cash registers has become reality....

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Back in 2009, TARGOBANK used more than 280 naturaSign Pad Standard e-signature pads to great effect when working in the...

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StepOver has taken another important step forward in the protection of signature data. Opening recognition protects...

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StepOver regularly has the complete security of its signature solutions verified by independent organisations. In this...

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