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Device API

Device API

Free and universal API for all StepOver signature pads

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Device API

Software available in different versions

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The Device API, free for end-customers, is the direct interface for communication with all StepOver signature pads. The Device API offers you all functions required to access the signature acquisition devices, record the signature and control the signature pad display. The Device API can also be accessed as DLL or OCX. An up-to-date description of the OCX and DLL methods can be found on the support webpage.

In combination with the Signature API, available for purchase, you can set up a software system for simple and advanced e-signatures.



The DLL interface and OCX interface

    • The DLL interface can be easily integrated into C and Delphi applications
    • The OCX interface can be operated from any programming language supporting OCX objects. It offers a visual object for the real-time signature display during the signing process, which can be integrated into your application, as well as any other graphical object (e.g. button, image)


Royalty-free for the entire term

The components required for the term can be obtained licence-free with your software. Alternatively, you can also integrate the available installer in your own setup. The installer can be executed through "silent" and "unattended" (i.e. invisible to the user) start parameters and carries out all necessary registration steps for you.

Partners and integrators who would like to integrate with StepOver signature pads, please contact our consulting team.


Unique features and additional functions

    • Supports all StepOver signature pads, with serial, USB or encrypted HID connection
    • For a licence fee, you can use this product to control Tablet PCs and signature pads from third-party providers (licence  costs correspond to each installed workstation) 
    • Possibility to contact our developers

Software versions

Device API
Version 5.x

GTIN order no.: 4260130060626

€ 0.00 excl. VAT

Wintab/Tablet-PC extension
for Device API

GTIN order no.: 426013006169

€ 65.00 excl. VAT / € 77.35 incl. VAT

Please inform yourself before buying a Tablet PC software version in our consulting team.

System prerequisites

Operating system

Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OS 10.9 and 10.10 with VMware Fusion

Hardware prerequisites

A minimum of Dual-core Processor with at least 1 GHz and 1 GB RAM | Recommended: Dual-core Processor from 2GHz and 2 GB RAM

Storage capacity

50 MB free disk space

Monitor resolution

A resolution of at least 600x800 with 16-bit colour depth

Information material

Information about StepOver signature software:

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