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App to capture signatures for iPad and iPhone


Software available in different versions

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iSignatureOffice is the iPad client of our webservice signature solution "webSignatureOffice" and allows you to fill out and sign read-only PDF/A documents using an iPad. The free signature app accesses the webSignatureOffice server and can, therefore, be integrated into any web-based solution. When signing on the iPad, your electronic signature is captured by the free signature app, iSignatureOffice. This process not only stores the signature image but also the biometric data in the best possible quality.* An account with a webSignatureOffice server is required to use iSignatureOffice.

Learn more:
Online signing with the webSignatureOffice online signature server

*The maximum temporal and spatial resolution depends on the iPad’s hardware. Pressure distribution is also detected when using the Apple Pencil.



New in version 2

The Apple Pencil is now supported, as well as other improvements. By using the Apple Pencil and iSignatureOffice, you can now detect the pressure distribution of your signature, and your typeface is also detected more clearly. The Apple Pencil is currently only compatible with the iPad Pro.


Document selection and document view

The start screen shows all the loaded documents and their statuses (signed, partially signed, unsigned, etc.), their expiration dates and much more. You can also sort the view by various criteria and select a document for editing.

In view mode, you can zoom into and scroll through the document with the iPad in the usual manner.


Filling out documents

Any entry fields in the document can be completed on the iPad before commencing the signing process. As well as filling purely text-based fields, you can also fill marking fields (such as checkboxes, radio buttons), e.g. agree to the terms and conditions. It is also possible to use drop-down menus.


Signing documents

Signing on the iPad can be initiated by manual selection of the signature field, or by starting a pre-defined, fully automated signature process which ensures no signatures are forgotten and which eliminates manual entry. The biometric data is safely encrypted and linked with the document. For protection, each signature is protected on the server by a digital certificate. By using ISO-compliant signatures, the document can later be checked for changes and manipulation by any recipient (e.g. by using Adobe Reader).


The process of automatically generating a signature can be defined for each document with webSignatureOffice via the server and is guided by either keywords in the PDF or by PDF signature fields (if the loaded document already contains these). This method ensures that even documents where the position and number of the signatures varies can be processed fully automatically. A third option is to state the pre-defined position details (page and X/Y position). It is, of course, possible to add a signature field in the document manually and to alter the size and position before it is signed by yourself or a business partner.


The server and connection to customer systems

Documents are exchanged and controlled via an encrypted (SSL) webSignatureOffice server, which has a web interface that allows easy management of documents, signature sequences and users. Business customers can also choose to run the server themselves and then directly activate and control it directly via interfaces (web services) from the customer's system.


Offline capability

After the iSignatureOffice app is synchronised with the webSignatureOffice server, it can also be used to edit the loaded documents and capture signatures offline. The documents are automatically synchronised with the server as soon as the iPad with iSignatureOffice is back online.


Integrating the app

As a native iPad app, iSignatureOffice uses its full ergonomics with gesture control and trusted operating features as well as utilising the speed of the iPad as best as possible. Furthermore, business customers can integrate iSignatureOffice into their own apps as a component.

Signing with the iPad made simple and secure thanks to iSignatureOffice from StepOver.


Secure signature

The biometric data of the signature is already encrypted safely in the iPad and linked to the document in such a way as to prevent misuse in another document. A public RSA key (2048 bit), or similar, is used, so that the biometric data cannot be decrypted without access to the private RSA key assigned. This is stored safely with a notary who has produced the pair of keys. It is this procedure alone which allows the operator of the solution to demonstrate, should there be doubts, that they could not decrypt the biometric data and consequently they could not misuse this to sign other or altered documents.

In addition, every signature on the server is again provided with a digital signature, so that each recipient can check the integrity of the document, for example by using Adobe Reader.


Main functions

This product is a stand-alone, free signature app and does not require any additional third-party software (such as Adobe Acrobat). However, this signature capturing app is also available to integrators as a component for their own apps.

It is necessary to have a paid account with a webSignatureOffice server in order to run iSignatureOffice.

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    • PDF/A documents created by the customer (via webSignatureOffice server)
    • It is also possible for the above PDF documents to have customer-defined signature fields and customer-created form fields


    • When the source document is PDF/A compliant, the document remains PDF/A compliant even after signing
    • ISO-compliant PDF signatures - can be checked using all standard products (e.g. Adobe Reader) and enables interoperability with other signature processes and programs which conform to the standards
    • Capture a handwritten electronic signature using an iPad
    • This signature is an advanced electronic signature in accordance with eIDAS



    • Sign directly in the document (no separate signature window)
    • Preview of the selected PDFs
    • Allows browsing, zooming and continuous scrolling of PDF documents
    • Filling out PDF form fields and supports checkboxes, radio buttons, and drop-down menus
    • Clear document management with status tracking, automatic reminder (for all signers)

Ability to customise / integrate

    • Can also be fully integrated into customer apps as a component



    • Template management (saving documents for re-use, including signature templates)
    • Intelligent signature templates (e.g. automated positioning of signature fields, even for dynamic documents, e.g. using keywords)
    • Jumps automatically to the signature fields during the signing process and zooms in if necessary
    • Handles compulsory and optional signature fields differently (stop at compulsory field = stop the whole signing process)



    • Supports encryption on the iPad using biometric data with RSA 2048 Bit
    • Delayed signing is possible at any time without compromising safety
    • Form fields automatically locked once signed
    • Signatures provided can easily be checked (using Adobe Acrobat Reader)
    • Secure communication over https

Software versions

iSignatureOffice for iPad
Version 2.x

GTIN order no.: 4260142300601

iSignatureOffice for iPhone
Version 2.x

GTIN order no.: 4260142300601

System prerequisites

Operating system

iOS 6.x and higher versions

Hardware prerequisites

iPad or iPhone


Apple Pencil supported with the iPad Pro

Information material

Information about StepOver signature software:

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