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Application scenarios for electronic signatures

Using the StepOver signature pad at counters and cash registers

In general, our signature solution for sales windows or cash registers is used for payments by credit card, when making a charge to an account or during other transactions in the services sector. The StepOver signature solution also comes into its own at the Teller Line in a bank, when signing receipts for deposits, repayments and transfers.

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Using the StepOver signature pad in the field

Those who work externally, in the comercial and service fields, take advantage of the StepOver signature solution for capturing electronic signatures for maintenance protocols, service reports, insurance contracts and sales contracts.

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Using the StepOver signature pad for internal corporate processes

The StepOver signature solution can be applied to a wide range of tasks within the corporate environment. For example, keeping a payroll, for administrative processes, for authorising and auditing accounts, and much more.

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Signing PDF files with the StepOver signature solution

Do you need a solution for signing PDF documents electronically and with complete security? Here, we provide you with the key to signing PDF documents.

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About electronic signatures

Electronic signatures and their secure storage are becoming increasingly important. With the following questions and their answers, we hope to offer you a well-founded introduction to "the world of electronic signatures".

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