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Use of StepOver electronic signature devices at counters and cash registers

duraSign Pad 10.0

With the use of StepOver electronic signature devices at counters and cash registers, the aim is to reduce or even eradicate the high number of paper receipts generated day to day in businesses. In general our products are used in credit card payments, in debit card transactions, mobile phone top-ups, car rentals, etc., or at the bank counter to sign deposit, withdrawal or money transfer slips.

Using our products, the signature is not written on paper, but is instead automatically registered as a digital file, normally in PDF format. This allows payment slips to be recovered immediately, in any location, remaining at our disposition at all times for processing, searching or saving. Thanks to this digital archive of the receipts of signed transactions, there is no longer any need for the storage of paper documents, a process which, in the long term, is cumbersome and costly. As well as reducing the amount of paperwork, the risk of losing any given receipt is eliminated. For the client, the process of signing an electronic device can be easily accepted, given that it is analogous to the process of signing on paper.

As well as the image of the signature itself, the signature of the electronic device also records biometric data with maximum precision, namely the pressure and velocity. In the event of legal proceedings, this would allow handwriting experts to verify whether the signature did belong to the person in question or not. As this data is protected by an asymmetric key, generated in the presence of a notary, the possibility of fraud is eliminated. It would therefore not be possible to, for example, use the signature in other documents. Furthermore, the signed and legally valid document is protected by means of a checksum so that it cannot be manipulated after the fact.

Our solutions (both hardware and software) have been certified by the independent inspection, control and certification body, TÜV Saarland. They have also received a favourable report from an independent expert used by the courts.

The naturaSign Pad Colour and the naturaSign Pad Flawless were developed in Germany and fully adapt to the specific needs at counters and cash registers. The large colour screen allows the document to be read, verified and finally signed directly. The dialogue mode also permits interaction with clients, allowing them to fill in the fields of a form or accept the general conditions of a transaction, for example. Furthermore, when in standby, the device’s slideshow mode provides the counters and cash registers with an advertising space.


    • Save on the cost of printing, scanning and storing signed receipts
    • Considerable streamlining of processes
    • The receipts are immediately available following their signing and can be processed by the system
    • Both the signatures and the integrity of the documents are guaranteed thanks to our consistent asymmetric encoding security system
    • Predetermined signature fields are automatically activated and can be completed one after the other
    • Young and older people alike know and are completely familiar with the handwritten signature as a process that expresses consent for something
    • The handwritten signature is non-transferable and fraud is impossible
    • The large colour screen of the signature pad, with its "dialogue" and slideshow modes, undoubtedly add extra value to the counters and cash registers. All of these benefits are combined in a single device

StepOver signature pads in use at the ReiseBank AG - cash in a quick and unbureaucratic way worldwide

StepOver, market leader in the field of hardware and software for handwritten electronic signatures, supports the German bank ReiseBank AG with the handling of international money transactions between private and business clients.


StepOver gained with Nedbank Ltd. a major bank in South Africa

Being one of South Africa’s leading Banks, the bank processing millions of documents per year and most of them are printed ONLY to be signed. The Signature Solution - StepOver signature pad and the StepOver signature software.