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Despite lockdowns, home offices, closed schools and stores, we all continue to make agreements with our customers,...

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1. Identify your processes that would benefit from becoming completely digital

Take a minute to consider which...

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The StepOver team will be enjoying the holiday season from December, 24th 2020 until January, 6th 2021. We are back from...

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Save time - Cut cost - Increase transparency - Competitive & Innovative - Enhance efficiency

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Hiring a new employee or contractor is not only a labour-intensive, but also time-consuming process. Under the best of...

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The handwritten electronic signature is the easiest and most popular method in situations where the contractual partners...

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StepOver achieves its commitment to protect the environment for future generations through three initiatives:

1.    We...

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In the present situation people are confined to homes and are not able to travel for work or any other purposes. Doing...

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The newly released version 6 of StepOver eSignatureSuite provides new features for optimum user convenience and assures...

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StepOver takes extreme pride in entering into the 18th anniversary. In 2001 Stuttgart, Germany, StepOver GmbH, started...

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The new version of StepOver’ s web-based e-Signature solution for advanced electronic signatures according to eIDAS is...

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Large sized high-resolution display with maximum security and durability.

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By November this year, StepOver will have increased the size of its development team significantly. Six new positions...

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Since 2001 StepOver is developing hard- and software for electronic signatures which can be used as evidence at court....

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The webSignatureOffice SAAS (software as a service) Solution from StepOver now has an additional client – the...

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Dear customers,

after years of preparation, we are proud to finally be able to offer you our portfolio of handwritten...

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