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30 years of PRIMAKLIMA – Over 30,000 trees from StepOver

Every signature pad sold contributes to planting trees in Nicaragua

1,773,359 m² of trees planted, 1,289 tons of climate-damaging CO² filtered out of the air on average each year - with the help of our customers.

Since 2008, we have been donating part of our proceeds to the non-profit organisation PRIMAKLIMA, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. Every signature pad sold contributes to planting trees in Nicaragua. We can only do this because our customers order from us.

At the same time, using our signature pads saves an enormous amount of paper - because documents no longer need to be printed for signing. This can be done digitally with smartphone, tablet, PC or signature pad.

We say THANK YOU to our loyal, long-standing customers and all the new ones who joined us last year.

The StepOver team with 30,000 trees planted and uncounted spared

Here is an insight into the projects of PRIMAKLIMA:

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