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5 quick answers about the digital electronic signature (e-signature) for SMEs

Questions and answers

How long will it take me to implement the e-Signature?

StepOver's cloud solution (webSignatureOffice) is ready to use for virtually anyone, right out of the box. Simply sign up and start using digital electronic signatures today. Upload your Pdf, define signature fields and email the recipient(s). 10 electronic digital signatures per month for free.


Does the signer also need to have an account with StepOver?

No, anyone can sign their documents without an account.


How is the identity of the signer ensured?

Through the e-mail address. If this is not sufficient (e.g. in case of a private or unknown e-mail address), you can make the signing process even more secure with a password or an SMS.


Can I sign with my smartphone?

Yes, StepOver´s e-signature solution supports smartphones, tablets, PCs and of course StepOver´s signature pads.


Is the electronic signature legally compliant?

Yes, it is equivalent to a handwritten signature, with very few exceptions (in Germany, for example, for legal transactions that require notarization).

Detailed information can be found here: eIDAS - what is it?


With StepOver's electronic digital signature solution, you can map all facets of the electronic signature - whether in the cloud, on a PC, smartphone, tablet or signature pad. Of course, it can be integrated into your existing systems and processes. Just get in touch with us.

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