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5 Reasons for using electronic signatures

Save time - Cut cost - Increase transparency - Competitive & Innovative - Enhance efficiency

Save time - using electronic Signatures will not only optimise and streamline your document management process, but also reduce the time from setting up a contract to closing it. The reduction in the disruptions to the workflow, by no longer switching from digital to physical and back and by eliminating unnecessary steps like mailing, scanning, physical archiving, documents are finalised in a fraction of the time previously required.

Cut cost - integrated electronic signature solutions drastically reduce the administration costs associated with processing, storing and mailing paper documents, while increasing audit efficiency at the same time. Going digital reduces the environmental impact and ensuring access to the same document from various locations, instantly.

Increase transparency - using a digital document management system enables businesses to track the completion stage of each individual document. Monitoring bottlenecks, sending electronic reminders, receiving automatic notification once all mandatory signatures by all signatories are placed and eliminating the possibility for lost documents, unlocks resources that can be utilised more efficiently.

Competitive & Innovative - providing a better customer experience by allowing clients to sign electronically from anywhere in the world with instant access to all documents, enhancing your business position in a time-sensitive market. Eliminate unnecessary processes by digitally optimising the way your company makes business

Enhance efficiency - ensure your business is capable of operating in all environmental circumstances and make your workflow scalable through electronic signature templates and pre-population of customer information. Electronic signature software will multiply your number of contracts signed and boost your business’ operational capability and performance by automating your processes.

Try it out StepOver’s cloud-based today with 10 documents for free each month, no subscription or payment details required.

If you would like to discuss how our electronic signature solution can advance your business, please reach out for a free consultation with our Expert Team.

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