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Achievement of StepOver in 18 years

StepOver takes extreme pride in entering into the 18th anniversary. In 2001 Stuttgart, Germany, StepOver GmbH, started as a manufacturer in the development and production of “Made in Germany” signature pads for handwritten electronic signature.

Currently, StepOver has a wide range of hardware product portfolio supporting each & every scenario in the day to day business life. In 2003, StepOver developed its first comprehensive client based offline software signature solution “eSignatureSuite ” which supports StepOver signature pads & tablet PCs.

In 2011, StepOver International GmbH has been founded to carry forward the sales activities all over the world outside of European Union countries. From then StepOver kept on growing with a motto of bringing electronic signatures to all innovative companies all over the globe and help to reduce the use of papers. In 2012, StepOver developed a cloud - based online web application signature software “webSignatureOffice” to create e-signatures anywhere & anytime with either a StepOver signature device or any mobile device by signing in the browser or via the corresponding Apps for Android and iOS. It also supports certificate - based signatures without any additional hardware.     

StepOver has acquired very big project customers in the field of the travel industry, banking industry, insurance companies, job centers, health care, etc. StepOver always works together with its international sales partners to provide comprehensive services to our customers all over the world. 

StepOver cares about the environment too by working together with PRIMA KLIMA a non-profit organization since 2008 who are committed to the preservation of trees and afforestation projects, by donating a part of its revenue of selling signature pad. Over the years StepOver has donated more than € 200,000 for this environment program.

StepOver - We care for optimizing the workflow of our customers and the betterment of the environment! 

We would like to thank all our customers & partners for placing your trust in our organization as well as for the very pleasant cooperation!

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