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Delivery bill - signed paperless - distributed and filed digitally

Last year, we were able to implement successful projects with several building materials retailers and DIY store chains. The goal was always the same: to document the elaborate process of picking up goods ordered online or purchased on site. Until now, this was done with a delivery bill on paper, which was printed, signed by the person picking up the goods, scanned and then distributed electronically. Sometimes in reverse order as well.

We have made this process faster and much more efficient with digital, electronic signatures - and paperless at the same time. The pickup is acknowledged with an electronic signature on either a signature pad or a tablet. The signed delivery bill (pdf) is then distributed electronically and stored in the building material dealers' ERP system.

This digitization of the delivery bill brought several benefits:

    • fast
    • paperless
    • transparent
    • automatic filing
    • automatic distribution

And new, satisfied customers for StepOver.

With StepOver's electronic digital signature solution, you can map all facets of electronic signatures - whether in the cloud, on a PC, smartphone, tablet or signature pad. Of course, it can be integrated into your existing systems and processes. Just get in touch with us.

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