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Digital electronic signature in the correctional facility - StepOver in prison

Nexus IT Systeme, headquartered in Hüllhorst, East Westphalia, works for industrial companies, service providers and public authorities. For 20 years, Nexus has been developing and selling logistics solutions and applications for environments with high security requirements. Customers also include the Ministries of Justice of 12 German states and Luxembourg. This solution from Nexus uses StepOver's signature pads.

StepOver, based in Stuttgart, Germany, has been offering comprehensive and proven solutions for digital electronic signatures for nearly 20 years - whether certificate-based or handwritten, on smartphone, tablet, PC or signature pad.

The VeLiS solution developed by Nexus IT Systeme stands for "Supply and Logistics in the Penal System". Already at the "check-in" the inmate signs the correctness of the inventory list of the items he hands in. During the entire period of imprisonment, all movements, such as the issue and return of personal items and equipment received, are acknowledged with an electronic, digital and handwritten signature on the StepOver signature pad. During "check-out," the return of personal items is also digitally signed.

The use of digital electronic signature makes the process very efficient and largely paperless. Thanks to Nexus and StepOver's innovative solution.

StepOver and Nexus IT Systeme are looking forward to more customers who want to make their processes around logistics solutions with the digital electronic signature efficient and sustainable. Simply contact us at or

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