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Digitalisation in the pharmacy - with WEPA and StepOver

e-Signature Success Story

WEPA Apothekenbedarf has been an important partner for pharmacies for over 138 years. Reliability, sincerity and trust are their corporate values. WEPA supplies customised solutions for every pharmacy - innovative and well thought-out - including software solutions.

StepOver from Stuttgart has been offering comprehensive and proven solutions for digital electronic signatures for over 20 years - whether certificate-based or handwritten, whether on smartphone, tablet, PC or signature pad. "Designed and manufactured in Germany".

The web-based software solution apotec® LabXpert simplifies laboratory and formulation processes. The StepOver signature pads for electronic digital signatures are used in the areas of analytics, formulation, and dispensing.

The pharmacist and their staff confirm the individual process steps with the advanced electronic signature. Here are some examples:

    • Manufacturing protocols
    • Plausibility checks
    • Risk assessments
    • Test protocols
    • Starting material analysis
    • Finished medicinal product analysis
    • Medical device inspection
    • Packaging material tests

This ensures the consistent high quality of pharmaceutical products. The standardisation of work processes and their documentation play a key role here. And when digitalising these processes, the digital electronic signature must not be missing - preferably from StepOver.

StepOver and WEPA Apothekenbedarf look forward to welcoming more customers who want to make their pharmacy processes more efficient. Simply contact us at  or

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