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Document Management and e-Signature

a successfully proven combination of Accantum and StepOver

Accantum has been successfully developing practical products and solutions in the field of legally compliant archiving as well as document and workflow management for medium-sized businesses with a good price-performance ratio since 2000. Accantum's software solutions support the digitalization of your business processes. The electronic management of documents and information optimizes the control of your company-wide workflows.

StepOver from Stuttgart has been offering comprehensive and proven solutions for digital electronic signatures for over 20 years - whether certificate-based or handwritten, whether on your smartphone, tablet, PC or signature pad. "Designed and made in Germany".

The combination of digital document management and the digital electronic signature, the e-signature, is what makes the digitization of business processes complete. Documents are created, sent, signed, and filed without system or media discontinuity. This is how efficient work is done today - independent of location and time - without time-consuming mailing and without the classic errors such as missing signatures, missing pages, or trouble with the scanner.

Both companies have more than 20 years of experience in their field and first-class references. You will find many exciting reference projects on our websites.

StepOver and Accantum are looking forward to more customers who want to make their processes even more effective through intelligent digitization.

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