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e-Signature solution for a paperless HR department

Problems encountered in the administrative process of Human Resource departments
In the food retail industry, centralised HR departments face a lot of paperwork to maintain accurate information of their employees in stores. The necessary digital paper forms are sent from the HR department to the employee in their respective location via the internal mailing service. The employee prints, fills out and signs the physical document forms, which are subsequently scanned and digitally sent back to the HR department. The printed-out signed originals also have to be archived which causes additional processing cost and effort. The filled-in details are then manually transferred back into the HR system. When the paper form is filled out incorrectly or illegibly, additional effort is required to correct the data entered and saved in the system. This workflow process requires a lot of time, money, physical storage area, and a huge amount of resources and effort.

Current scenario implemented with major food retailer’s Human Resource department
Since implementing StepOver’s e-Signature solution, the leading food retailer’s HR department handles the administrative process between the headquarters and the branches across all national subsidiaries through their company application staff portal to process all the documents electronically. The portal generates the automatically populated electronic documents with the required mandatory and optional signature fields via templates or key-word search, which the employee then fills out and signs with our duraSign Pad US 10.0. Once completed, the document is sent back to the food retailer’s designated server and is either further processed by the HR personnel, or electronically archived for auditing purposes. To cut down cost and save valuable time, StepOver’s e-signature solution was integrated seamlessly into the food retailer’s existing IT infrastructure to provide an optimised workflow situation.

StepOver’s e-Signature pads capture the signatory’s biometric data, which consists of individual characteristics such as the pressure, acceleration and direction of the signature, making it possible to positively identify the signatory, if necessary. Our patented encrypted signature software merges the biometric data from the signature together with the information contained in the document to create a unique checksum. Any manipulation of the signed PDF can be reliably detected using the checksum. A manipulated document will be impossible to decrypt, and therefore protect the signatory from the fraudulent use of their biometric data.
The food retailer’s electronic documentation process is now optimised and streamlined to a greater level with enormous reductions in paper usage and huge savings in transfer costs. HR processes are now being completed in much less time and allowing the HR department to reallocate previously tied-up resources to benefit the company and its employees.

Please feel free to contact our team for a free consultation, to learn more about electronic signatures and how it can benefit your company.

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