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Electronic signature in do-it-yourself and building materials stores

BigMat Garro's success story

Every day, these stores face a high amount of documentation that is managed on paper, exchanged and signed between different parties, e.g. invoices and delivery notes. At the same time, these companies are seeing the need to adapt to the digital transformation and are looking for alternatives allowing them to save time, economic resources or personnel.

In BigMat Garro warehouses, paper invoices and delivery notes are a thing of the past.

Thanks to the use of StepOver signature pads, duraSign Pad 10.0, and eSignatureOffice software, BigMat Garro's two large distribution warehouses in Barcelona (Sant Boi de Llobregat and Canovelles) fully manage these documents electronically.

The implementation of this electronic signature solution, which was carried out in 2020, is proving to be a great success for the company from an economic, environmental and security point of view. This is how Jaime Bertrán describes it from the ICT department:

"The use of StepOver devices is based on Garro's policy focused on paperless for several reasons:

    • Environmental responsibility: We believe in sustainable and responsible business for our planet.
    • Optimization of document management: We do not work to manage paper; our goal is to provide a good service in the most optimal way.
    • Security and confidentiality: Our clients' data is very important to us and therefore must be managed correctly.

Unless expressly requested, our customers do not receive paper invoices or delivery notes. StepOver is the solution to obtain a digitally signed document and manage it quickly and securely.

StepOver's eSignatureOffice software allows us:

    • To convert the delivery note generated by our ERP to PDF format.
    • To embed the signature of the person who picks up the goods.
    • To rename the document according to predefined patterns (document number / customer number).
    • To securely archive the document.

Our customers periodically receive their invoices and delivery notes signed by their employees. All this in an automated and secure way."

The signature pad chosen by Garro, StepOver's duraSign Pad 10.0, allows the entire document to be displayed on its large ten-inch screen. The electromagnetic pen technology and tempered glass screen offer the highest durability performance on the market.

From the StepOver team we are delighted to consult and accompany our customers and looking forward to tell even more success stories in the field of digital transformation.

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