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Extended free use of webSignatureOffice – work remotely, sign securely with StepOver web-based eSignature!

In the present situation people are confined to homes and are not able to travel for work or any other purposes. Doing home office has become an essential part of work life and it raises new requirements. The StepOver web solution “webSignatureOffice” supports signature processes in which contract partners can sign PDF-documents simply and securely also at different locations, which helps in times of social distancing.

In order to provide support in these difficult times, StepOver has extended the free use of webSignatureOffice .

Each user account is replenished to 10 credits at the beginning of each month, which corresponds to 10 documents a month with an unlimited number of signatures. Users who already use webSignatureOffice successfully and have previously purchased Credits left on May 1st, will soon receive a one-time gift of 10% of their inventory or at least 50 credits. The promotion is valid from the beginning of May until the end of the year.

About “webSignatureOffice”: 

webSignatureOffice is a cloud-based and eIDAS-compliant electronic signature solution, that is accessible for the users / signers all over the globe. Users can upload their documents, sign these and involve their business partners to sign with any device, anytime and from anyplace with convenience. So, the StepOver web-based e-signature solution can be used remotely for signing from home or while traveling, etc. 

Signing based on handwriting / biometric data is supported with any browser or by using the free apps iSignatureSuite  for iOS devices & aSignatureSuite  for Android devices. “ WebSignatureOffice ” supports electronic signature pads, mobile devices like smartphones and tablets with the highest possible security standards.  

Furthermore certificate-based digital signatures (ie without a signature capture device) can be used by registered users and also by persons not registered. These so-called guests-signers can be involved to sign a document as well with maximum convenience and without the need of installing an app or execute a registration. 

SAAS or hosting on-premises is available for enterprise customers. The solution enables seamless integration into existing web applications. The signing workflow is optimized for best performance either for business customers, integration partners with dedicated servers or any registered users on the freely accessible web portal

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