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Home & Office = Homeoffice

Even after the lockdown, the home office will increasingly retain its place in everyday working life alongside working in the "real" office. The "remote" workplace, whether on the road or at home, has firmly taken its place in the working world. At the same time, a binding signature is also part of our daily work, whether on contracts, vacation requests and many other documents.

With StepOver's digital electronic signature solutions, this is easier and more secure than ever. You sign securely and digitally at your workplace, on the road, at home or in the office. With a smartphone, a tablet, by mouse click or a signature pad. It's really easy to integrate into your existing processes. And you can try it out immediately online & free of charge. Get started right away with webSignatureOffice, the online digital signature platform accessible to everyone. Upload your documents, define the signature fields and send the document online to the recipients. Simple, proven and even ten documents per month for free. The recipient receives an email with a link to the document and signs - on the smartphone, tablet or PC. Signing has never been easier, faster or more secure.

StepOver also offers customized electronic signature solutions. Many of our customers have already integrated digital signatures into existing processes, making them much more efficient and secure. We are happy to help, just get in touch.

The digital, electronic signature - whether certificate-based and handwritten, whether on a smartphone, tablet, PC or signature pad - talk to StepOver. We've done it successfully many times, in projects large and small.

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