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Insurance Group has begun to implement StepOver signature pads

As part of the continuing adaptation to its new request software, EASY, ERGO Insurance Group has set in motion the introduction of its first 1,500 StepOver signature pads, thus enabling a convenient, efficient work system, free of media transfer, for both the intermediary and its clients.

Following two successful pilot projects carried out in 2010 and 2012, the first work posts are now being equipped with the naturaSign Pad Standard 2.5 / Classic signature pad models. Through integration of the signature software eSignatureOffice, it is hoped that EASY will offer a more convenient signature process to the client, leaving more time for consultation.

There exists huge demand for signature pads among the ERGO agencies. At the same time as incorporating the new application for requests, they intend to expand the use of electronic signatures for the coming year.

Olaf Staudt, Manager of StepOver GmbH, states that: Personally, I am very pleased that after so many years of consultation and collaboration with ERGO insurance group, this major insurer is now among our clients. Furthermore, this confirms StepOver’s clear dominance in the security sector: currently at least 75% of the electronic signature solutions in the German security market come from StepOver.

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