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Online check-in at the hotel - in Spain now with electronic digital signature

As of April 28, 2021, guests in Spain will be able to check in "digitally" at hotels, campgrounds, guesthouses and other lodging establishments and sign the registration electronically. This is made possible by a new law of the Ministry of the Interior, which came into force on April 28, 2021 (Order INT/321/2021 of March 31, 2021). The reason for this law is not only the current Covid 19 pandemic situation and the improved hygiene due to the digitalization of the check-in with the electronic signature.

Digital signature at the check-in counter brings many other benefits:

    • Check-in online signing on the go
    • Faster processes at check-in
    • Lower costs
    • Shorter waiting times for guests
    • Digital archiving of documents with the electronic signature
    • Integration of check-in into existing hotel software solutions
    • A lot of saved paper

With StepOver digital electronic signature solution, the signature can be done from anywhere and on different devices. On a smartphone, a tablet, PC or signature pad.

Please contact us - as a hotel business, software provider or integration partner.

The digital, electronic signature - whether certificate-based and handwritten, whether on a smartphone, tablet, PC or signature pad - talk to StepOver. We've successfully implemented this many times, in projects large and small.

StepOver also offers customized electronic signature solutions. Many of our customers have already integrated digital signatures into existing processes, making them much more efficient and secure. We are happy to help, just get in touch.

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