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Confirmation of hygiene regulations by personal signature in the entrance area of your company.

Hygiene regulations and their responsible observance - in everyday and professional life, this is something that has been new to many of us for a year. Every individual contributes to the health of their colleagues. This also applies to visitors, customers and external employees in your company. Consequently, when entering a company, warehouse or production facility, individual confirmation of compliance with various hygiene rules is expected or even mandatory.

At the beginning of the pandemic (partly still today), there were lists or forms in paper form in the entrance areas, with all the associated administrative work. They were used to confirm with personal signature the regulations such as:

    • Taking a fever
    • Hand disinfection
    • Obligatory wearing of FFP2 mask
    • Disinfection of the touched parts
    • Distance rules
    • and much more.

But this could be much easier and more effective with the StepOver solution. The visitor or employee accepts the hygiene rules with a few simple clicks and confirms this with his electronic, handwritten signature. Everything clearly, quickly and easily on StepOver's signature pad.

StepOver also offers customized electronic signature solutions. Many customers have already integrated the digital signature into existing processes, making them significantly more efficient and secure.

The digital, electronic signature - whether certificate-based and handwritten, whether on a smartphone, tablet, PC or signature pad - talk to StepOver. We've successfully implemented this many times, in both large and small projects.

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