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Our webSignatureOffice SAAS solution now has an android client - aSignatureSuite

The webSignatureOffice SAAS (software as a service) Solution from StepOver now has an additional client – the aSignatureSuite Android app. From now on, not only Apple customers will be able to sign using their iSignatureSuite mobile app, but also customers with Android operating systems. Both apps even allow you to sign PDF documents offline.

A year ago, due to high demand from customers and the ongoing trend in web-enabled mobile devices, StepOver opted to expand its signature software into a web-based signature solution.

Thanks to the purely online application of webSignatureOffice, creating e-signatures is now possible worldwide, anywhere and anytime. This web-enabled signature solution supports StepOver’s range of signature pads and enables a certificate-based signature without any additional hardware. Furthermore, it’s even possible to sign offline with iSignatureSuite and aSignatureSuite and sync them with webSignatureOffice later. StepOver customers can therefore customise and individualise their signature workflow to match their business.

Online signature services are available at*.

aSignatureSuite is a free Android app and a brilliant addition to your webSignatureOffice account. This app allows you to manage several webSignatureOffice functions. Sign documents both online and offline on your Android tablet or Smartphone.

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*Hosted by StepOver partner secAsym GmbH.

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