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Signature pads - Always a step ahead with security

4096 RSA encryption for digital electronic signature

The RSA cryptosystem is an asymmetric cryptographic method that can be used for both encryption and digital signing. Asymmetric cryptographic methods are based on the factorization of prime numbers. For more info - here is the Wikipedia article.

As the computer power available (to everyone) increases permanently and inexorably, cryptography must keep up with it - with ever more complex and elaborate encryption methods. Because available high computer power can hack simpler encryptions - by trying out possible keys several times.

Therefore, RSA key length is the essential factor for encryption and digital signature security.

    • Encryption: data cannot be read without the cryptography
    • Digital signature: documents cannot be changed unnoticed (keyword: data integrity)

Both methods are used for the electronic signing of pdf documents. The biometric data of the signature is encrypted and thus cannot be read, while the pdf document is digitally signed and thus cannot be changed unnoticed. As of today, an RSA key length of 2048 bits is still considered sufficiently secure.

The BSI (German Federal Office for Information Security) recommends a key length of 3000 bits for the period beyond 2022. For cryptographic implementations starting in 2023, a key length of > 3000 bits will become mandatory. Enclosed is a link to the corresponding document.

To stay ahead of this development and to provide our customers with the highest possible security, StepOver already offers RSA encryption of up to 4096 bits. This applies to the RSA cryptography on the signature pad as well as the StepOver software products. For older StepOver signature pads of the current model series, it is also possible in many cases to switch to 4096-bit RSA encryption by means of a firmware update. This saves StepOver customers the expense of purchasing a new signature device, and together we protect the environment.

Our firmware updates for the standard versions of our StepOver signature pads can be found here.

If you are a customer with a customized version of our signature devices (e.g., with an individual notarial key), or have special requirements for the update procedure, please contact our sales department for a quotation.

The digital, electronic signature - whether certificate-based or handwritten, whether on smartphone, tablet, PC, or signature pad - talk to StepOver! Our 20 years of experience, both in small projects and the implementation in large corporations, guarantees you competent support for your project.

StepOver also offers customer-specific solutions for electronic signatures. Many of our customers have already integrated the digital signature into existing processes, making them significantly more efficient and secure. We are happy to help, please feel free to contact us.

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