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Signatures in Belgian passports captured with StepOver signature pads

Belgium combats identity theft with the new biometric passport. StepOver contributes the electronic signature.

In 2004, Belgium was one of the first European countries to incorporate electronic chips into its passports. These chips contain the passport holder’s personal data, as well as the electronic signature and photograph.

Now, the next step is coming: a complete biometric passport which securely unites iris recognition, fingerprint and electronic signature.

Europe leads us all to a biometric passport.

More than 500 million European citizens have been affected by this measure, as the biometric passport is now obligatory in the European Union. The European Union’s intent is to make passports even more secure and to reduce identity fraud.

As a fundamental part of the creation of biometric passports, the Belgian government has opted for StepOver signature pads and their corresponding signature software. The naturaSign Pad Colour pads and the API signature contribute to a perfect, convenient integration into the overall solution.

In this way, Arco Information NV and its partners successfully integrated the StepOver signature solution with the other necessary components.

Now, the Belgian Interior Minister has confirmed its launch at a national level in all Belgian cities and municipalities.

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