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Signing online in the home office - often an email is not enough

Despite lockdowns, home offices, closed schools and stores, we all continue to make agreements with our customers, business partners and suppliers on a daily basis. Even internal company processes often involve agreements, declarations of intent and confirmations. For many of these processes, a simple email or phone call is enough to confirm, while others require a signature for various, sometimes legal, reasons.

Legally secure online signatures in the home office - secure, contactless and easy to implement - are possible with StepOver's solutions for digital, electronic signatures. Whether for simple processes or recurring processes of companies, StepOver offers the online signature in many variants. StepOver's electronic signature solutions cover all areas of online signatures, whether on a smartphone, tablet, PC or signature pad. Sign your PDF documents securely and online in all conceivable situations. As one of the pioneers of electronic signatures, StepOver covers the complete range of digital signatures with integrated solutions.

Enclosed are the most frequently used variants:

webSignatureOffice is the online digital signature platform accessible to everyone. Here you can upload your documents, define signature fields and send them online to the relevant contacts for signature. Simple, proven and even ten documents per month for free. The recipient receives an email with a link to the document and signs - on their smartphone, tablet or PC. All StepOver digital signature solutions support these devices available to everyone. For an electronic signature based on certificates or a handwritten signature.

Large companies, including large banking and insurance companies, use dedicated signature pads to sign their documents with handwritten signatures, usually at the counter or in other customer facing situations. If your digital signature process requires a handwritten signature, this can also be an even more secure alternative for handwritten electronic signatures, in addition to the smartphone. Even in the home office.

StepOver also offers customer-specific electronic signature solutions. Many customers have already integrated the digital signature into existing processes, making them significantly more efficient and secure.

For the digital, electronic signature - whether certificate-based and handwritten, whether on a smartphone, tablet, PC or signature pad - talk to StepOver. We've successfully implemented this many times, in both large and small projects.

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