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Speed up your Hiring Process with StepOver's e-Signature solutions

Hiring a new employee or contractor is not only a labour-intensive, but also time-consuming process. Under the best of circumstances, the hiring process requires the input of only a handful of people, however, taking on new senior staff can slow down the process immensely. Typical difficulties encountered include signing multiple associated documents in a required order, such as entering into a Non-Disclosure Agreement before reviewing sensitive information, signatories in different physical locations, reviewing contracts section by section and of course the time and costs associated with signing, mailing and reviewing the contracts. Signed contracts are further processed for archiving, with the requirement to retain the original in paper form if signed with a ‘wet’ signature and updating the relevant physical records with future amendments.

Streamline your process by using electronic signatures

By digitising your hiring process, you will not only save time and costs, but most importantly sign great people fast, so you can focus on growing the business. Electronic contracts can be reviewed simultaneously with the prospective employee via a video call, going through section by section on a shared screen, making amendments to the draft and finally multiple signatories signing in the same session. Electronic signatures can be collected on a Tablet-PC, via QR code, email-link, our free apps for iOS and Android, any browser or even with our StepOver signature pads. Our cloud-based signature solution allows you to edit, fill out and store documents, send and receive signature requests, monitor the completion stage of your documents and manage them across different devices, online and offline.

Typical use cases include

    • Hiring remote workers by sending and signing contract via our secure GDPR-compliant servers
    • Effortlessly collecting signatures from off-site employees without a set desk or work station
    • Individual digital signature certificates through simple user management structures to quickly process union-wide changes to contracts
    • Ensuring prevention of device cross-contamination by simply scanning QR codes to sign documents securely on personal mobile devices
    • Effortless Two-Factor Authentication with SMS one-time password to enhance the identification process of the signatory and provide greater protection of the data

If you want to learn more about how your company can streamline the HR hiring process in order to save money and time, reach out to us today for a free consultation.

For a free trial of and 10 complimentary credits (documents) per month, sign up for free in our cloud-based signature solution.

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