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Starting signal for the new web-based signature solution with iPad support!

After spending over a year on the development, we are now proud to present to our customers our two new pieces of web-based signature software webSignatureOffice and iSignatureOffice, for online or offline signing of PDF documents.

One year ago we were prompted by great customer demand and an ongoing trend towards web-enabled mobile end devices (e.g. Apple iPad) to extend our signature software to include a web-based signature solution.

This pure web application makes online signing possible across the world at different times and in different places. This web-enabled signature solution supports the naturaSign signature pad range, the Apple iPad and a certificate-based signature - all without additional hardware. Tailor the signature workflow to your company.

webSignatureOffice is the name of our company’s new web-based signature solution which covers all this and much more. It is available now at for use as an online signature service and is managed by our partner secAsym GmbH.

iSignatureOffice is the free iPad app and a great addition to your webSignatureOffice account. This app allows you to utilise many functions of webSignatureOffice. Sign online and offline* documents with your iPad.

Further information:

Two further versions of webSignatureOffice will follow in the next few months:

    • Customised, individually-hosted webSignatureOffice server with interfaces**
    • webSignatureOffice server for large companies to self-host with all the necessary interfaces for complete integration into their data structure

More information on the availability of these versions can be found at:

*Will be synchronised with your webSignatureOffice account next time there is an internet connection
** Hosted by our partner secAsym GmbH

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