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StepOver as the first manufacturer of eSignature solutions achieved the national bank´s certification in the Black See region(*)

The Banks’s community decided to implement a full paperless environment including the usage of Digital Biometric Signature. As in a regulated industry, the Banks needed the approval of the National Bank and they later decided to create a certification process to ensure smooth transition into the "digital area" high secure handling of the documents and bio data and long-term validity of data and signature. The National Bank teamed with the governmental Forensic department and external specialists and created a sophisticated approval process.

In order to get the approval, the National Bank demanded the following:

    • File a full description of its signature process and security measures. The Vendor should have commit himself not to change the processes without prior approval of the National Bank in order to maintain the official approval.
    • Prove (under forensic test) that the Bio data of the signature cannot be reproduced by using all the tools available to the Bank.
    • Pass a graphologist test, showing that the retrieval bio data, can be successfully be used to identify the signer.
    • Submit a detailed paper showing that the solution is compatible with the local laws and regulation regarding electronic signatures, privacy and banking data security. This document was carefully analysed by the government legal department.

StepOver passed the entire process with great success and helped the National Bank to set new standards of excellence for the signature process. StepOver’s products proved easy to use, highly secured, well documented and comply with every law and regulation.

StepOver’s signature solution is considered now to be the ultimate secured signature solution in the country.

(*) As the process of other Vendors is still in process we were asked to keep the Name of the Country unpublished for the Time being.

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