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StepOver eSignatureSuite 6.0 released – ready for the future!

The newly released version 6 of StepOver eSignatureSuite provides new features for optimum user convenience and assures to meet future security requirements.

eSignatureSuite  is one of StepOver's top-selling software products for handwritten electronic signatures. Great user experience and meeting highest security standards is 2 key criteria, which made it one of the most popular client-based signature applications. 

The latest features to further increase user-friendliness are all about sharing content on StepOver signature pads with colored display. The new feature “continuous scrolling” enables Signers to scroll multiple pages on the signature pad (no page flip necessary). Signers can comfortably check the documents' content before signing. This feature is available for the new “ duraSign Pad US 10.0 ”.

Furthermore, there is the new “sync button” to specifically jump to a desired page on the signature pad. It supports users to easily share content with the customer during a consulting in a counter situation.

Although usually unnoticed by users, it is no less important for sustainability: eSignatureSuite 6 meets the current and also future security requirements.
According to the technical guideline of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) longer keys are recommended for electronic signatures as of 01.01.2023. StepOver eSignatureSuite 6 already supports keys for encryption up to 4096 bits in connection with the current signature pad firmware and is thus prepared for the future beyond 2022. Customers have sufficient time to notice and update their systems to be ready for the future and meet security requirements .

eSignatureSuite  is constantly being evolved to support the day to day needs of users and is compatible with the latest technology. In case of questions, the StepOver team is always happy to assist!

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