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StepOver presents BigPen

Our clients desire to have a thicker pen for their signature systems at counters or cash registers has become reality. The StepOver BigPen has arrived!

Background: In the past, StepOver sold its products primarily for mobile field service with signature pads. To do this, particularly flat devices were designed, which included a slot in which to insert the pen.

However, particularly with the naturaSign Pad Colour and naturaSign Pad Flawless models, StepOver managed to develop signature pads that would also be well-received among clients with counters and cash registers.

As these signature pads also had to be able to be used as a mobile service, until today there did not exist any signature device with a thick pen for signing. StepOver’s BigPen shows itself to be a pen with a highly intelligent and practical design. It consists of a sleeve that can be applied or removed without dismantling the default thin pen. In a matter of seconds, just by placing the sleeve on top, we have a much thicker pen. Additionally, in the event that, at some point, the resistant pen shows signs of wear, we can simply replace it with another BigPen sleeve. As fast and simple as it gets.

Quote from one of our major clients: "It's a truly brilliant work of German engineering!"

In the event that you are already using StepOver signature pads and want to purchase the BigPen, find out about its compatibility beforehand in our sales department.

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