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StepOver & snap consulting – a signature pad 13 years in daily use

snap consulting is a SAP consulting and software company in the german speaking region. Through individual needs analyses and SAP consulting, snap consulting supports its customers in the logistics and healthcare industry with customized solutions. snap consulting implements individual requirements sustainably through high technical competence or with an out-of-the-box solutions called snapware.

StepOver from Stuttgart offers comprehensive and proven solutions for digital electronic signatures for almost 20 years - whether certificate-based or handwritten, whether on smartphone, tablet, PC or signature pad.

The successful partnership between the two companies began 13 years ago. And the signature pad that Mr. Christian Knell (CEO and owner) at snap consulting has been using in the field and in the office every day since then is just as old. Endurance, durability and sustainability in the partnership, our customer relationship and in the form of an indestructible signature pad that has worked flawlessly since 2008 (2008 saw the launch of the iPhone 3).

Mr. Knell: " That's what I call excellent quality - 13 years of tireless mobile use, no problems at all, excellent condition!"

StepOver and snap consulting are looking forward to more customers who want to make their SAP landscape efficient and sustainable with digital electronic signatures. Just get in touch at or

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