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StepOver’s continued commitment to expand its carbon negative foot print – For a greener future!

StepOver achieves its commitment to protect the environment for future generations through three initiatives:

1.    We offset our company’s entire annual carbon foot print, including business travel, server energy consumption and production emissions in cooperation with PrimaKlima’s carbon neutrality calculator. The money is used to combat poverty-driven deforestation around the world and teach local farmers new agricultural techniques that enable sustainable crop yields and secure their existence.

2.    For every sold electronic signature pad, StepOver donates the cost of planting one tree to a vital reforestation project of the rainforest in Bolivia.
Our donations have created 1,752,879 m² of reforested area worldwide, which captures 1,278 tons of carbon dioxide every year.

3.    Our eSignature solutions enable our customers to save paper, ink cartridges, and the emissions connected to mailing the documents. Our clients’ annually saved paper alone is nearly twice as high as Mt. Everest, when stacked as a pile.

As the first carbon-neutral company in our sector, StepOver takes extreme pride in announcing that even during the ongoing difficult time all over the world, we have continued our collaboration with PRIMAKLIMA, a non-profit organization, who is committed to the preservation of trees and forests since 1991. The organization is supported by donations from private households, companies, and other organizations. They are actively committed to the protection of the climate and environment.

 Since 2008 until Mid-2020, StepOver has donated 220,512 EUR.

To protect the world from global warming and radical change in climate, everyone has to take appropriate steps by conserving natural resources and reduce the emission of CO2.

To find out how you can save resources and do your part in protecting our environment, get in contact with our Sales team for a free consultation!


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