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Surge of electronic signature in the travel industry

Travel agencies are the ones linking the customers and tour service providers. They are mainly working for easing out the difficulties for the traveller to travel and playing an important role in guiding the customers to have an enjoyable tour experience.

The travel agencies are facing a lot of challenges due to the new general data protection regulation 2018, and the threatening legal requirements of the new "Package Travel Directive". The directive has been regulated since July 1st, 2018, requires a lot of careful processing of the documentation, easy way of handling the information to the customers, secure record receipt of the proper necessary documents and archiving the data. For these purposes, an electronic signature solution can facilitate the travel agencies. Besides the common practices where the customer is present at the POS, travel agencies often consult with customers by telephone and send out information about the requested destinations by email. The electronic signature also acts as a convenient solution to get the customer’s approval document for contacting them via e-mail or phone for advertising purpose and to also have the customer’s signature on booking confirmations.

StepOver offers the solution for both situations so that the customers signature can be captured either on a signature pad or mobile device (smartphone / tablet) at the POS or with a link in an email, which allows to view and sign the required documents from anywhere with any customer device. StepOver has sold around 4000+ signature pads to the travel agencies all over Germany in the past 6 months and provides software for capturing signatures on mobile devices for even more users and travellers.

Potential integration partners who like to get benefits from a proven and most convenient solution are kindly invited to team up with us.

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