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The new StepOver duraSign Pad US 10.0 signature pad

Large sized high-resolution display with maximum security and durability.

StepOver takes extreme pride in launching the new StepOver duraSign Pad US 10.0 signature pad which takes a step forward in expanding our product portfolio.

The new duraSign Pad US 10.0 signature pad is the second product developed in the "duraSign Pad Series" family from StepOver. The product stands out with an electromagnetic sensor for extremely long durability coupled with an outstanding elegant appearance. Like all our signature pads, it offers the highest possible security for traceable electronic signatures. The 10-inch pad displays the full width of an A4 document. The signature pad offers enough space on the screen for even the most demanding POS applications.

The StepOver duraSign Pad US 10.0 signature pad includes:

    • New ARM Cortex Processor for fast reaction time and quick and secure processing of electronic signatures
    • Landscape & portrait mode available with a single touch
    • Extremely durable, chemically-strengthened sensor surface for the detection of signatures – based on electromagnetic pen technology
    • High-resolution 10-inch color screen: 1024x600 pixels
    • Functional buttons that appear during the signing process to confirm, re-sign or cancel
    • Display of document contents and dynamic text during the signing process
    • Display of individual content in stand-by mode (e.g. advertising images)
    • Replaceable USB connection cable
    • Optimized  cable routing with port on the underbody and strain relief
    • Replaceable and reparable pen attachment
    • VESA fixtures for mounting the pad and ability to attach Kensington locks on the back for anti-theft protection
    • Options to switch between transmission protocols: HID - driverless, VCom - port forwarding / Com port forwarding, Wyse – ThinOS

The StepOver duraSign Pad US 10.0 signature pad is now available and compatible with the most current versions of StepOver signature software, e.g. with eSignatureSuite 5.9.

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