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Tried-and-tested is now even better!

The signature pad naturaSign Pad Colour 2.0 is here!

After more than 4 years of great success - with over 40,000 signature pads sold - our best-selling model the naturaSign Pad Colour is getting a subtle yet comprehensive update.
Following the principle of "evolution, not revolution", StepOver has made a number of minor enhancements and expanded some functions to create the naturaSign Pad Colour 2.0.

As well as various internal improvements such as the support of two more transmission protocols for the high-performance connection of a Whyse Thin Client, Win CE Thin Client or Linux Thin Client, it is now also possible to lock this signature pad using a Kensington lock*.

Sensor durability has been again substantially improved, and in addition to the standard signature pen for mobile use there is now also a thicker signature pen for greater writing comfort at the counter or till.

*Please see the data sheet for information on which Kensington locks are suitable.

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