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Using StepOver signature pads is now possible with IGEL Thin-Clients

StepOver signature pads from the "naturaSign Pad Series" can now also be operated in a client-server environment on the Thin-Clients from Augsburg's IGEL Technology GmbH.

Electronic signatures for optimising the processes of companies are now considered to be the standard for day to day business in many companies and cannot be lightly disregarded. They can now also be simply integrated into a highly efficient, and low-maintenance, client server infrastructure.

"The economic benefits of this application will lead to a significant increase in the proportion of Thin-Clients as opposed to the so-called Fat-Clients and additionally in favor of point of sale solutions", said Olaf Staudt, CFO of StepOver GmbH.

A linux interface has been jointly developed by the two companies, which enables the communication with the StepOver signature pads. The TCP component transfers the acquired data from the signature pad to a central server where the appropriate software applicalion is installed.

The signature pads can be utilised on the following IGEL Universal Desktop Thin-Clients: UD2, UD3, UD5, UD9 and UD10. Similiarly, the electronic signature support is integrated into the firmware of the IGEL Zero Client Series IZ2 and IZ3. The drivers are available in all the IGEL operating systems (LX and IZ) starting from Version 5.3.100. The support also exists for devices that were converted utilising the software standardisation, IGEL Universal Desktop Converter 2 (UDC2 from Version 5.3.100).

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