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We protect our environment!

Since 1991, PRIMAKLIMA has been working as a global charity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, particularly CO2. PRIMAKLIMA’s team of professionals collaborate with partners to carry out local reforestation and forest conservation projects. The charity is supported by donations from private households, companies and other organisations.

Since 2008, StepOver, Europe’s leading manufacturer of hardware and software solutions for handwritten electronic signatures, has been donating new trees for every signature pad sold.

"By purchasing a StepOver signature pad, our customers are contributing to environmental conservation in two ways", explains Olaf Staudt, Managing Director at StepOver GmbH. "On the one hand, our customers are saving over 1200 tonnes of paper every year by using our hardware and software for handwritten electronic signatures, thus reducing the amount of trees felled to make paper. And on the other hand, around 6 m2 of new trees are planted every time a signature pad is sold".

We protect our environment! We have managed to become the first fully carbon-neutral company in the sector. We would like to echo the motto of our colleagues at PRIMAKLIMA: "It is high time to take appropriate action".

Since 2008, StepOver GmbH has donated 180,557 EUR towards the reforestation of 1,639,142 m2 of trees.

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