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Use your smartphone or tablet to capture signatures


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In conjunction with the webSignatureOffice server, Android smartphones and tablets are easy to use as signature capture devices. To sign electronic documents, you need the free aStepOverSigner app on your smartphone/tablet, plus an account (subject to cost) at a webSignatureOffice server or as a self-hosted server. When signing on a smartphone, your electronic signature is captured by the signature app. Both typeface and biometric data (time elapsed) are stored in excellent quality. *

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Sign online with the webSignatureOffice online signature server

*The maximum temporal and local resolution are preset by your smartphone hardware. Further information and data available on request.



Creating an online link to documents

Uploaded documents can be displayed and signed in the webSignatureOffice server web interface, where you can also generate and display a QR code (two-dimensional barcode) at the touch of a button. This QR code communicates the location of the displayed document to the app. In the xStepOverSigner app, the QR code only needs to be photographed, and the logical connection between the now recognizable signature and the document displayed is established on the screen. Alternatively, the signer can also enter a document ID number into their smartphone/tablet for the app to communicate the document’s location.


Signing documents

The signature is then captured as precisely as possible via your smartphone, inseparably linked to the document, and transferred to the webSignatureOffice server. This then links your typeface and highly-encrypted biometric data to the document.


Integrating the app

aStepOverSigner can also be integrated as a component in the own app of business customers’ i.e., adapted to their corporate design.

Sign easy and secure on your smartphone thanks to aStepOverSigner.
(*in a later edition)


Secure signature

The biometric signature data is securely encrypted in the smartphone and linked to the document in such a way that it cannot be misused with another document. A public RSA key (2048 bit) ensures that the biometric data cannot be decrypted without accessing the relevant private RSA key.  However, this is stored with a notary, who has also generated the key pair. In case of doubt, only this process enables the operator to prove that he himself was unable to decrypt the biometric data and misuse it in different or changed documents.

In addition, every signature is provided with a digital signature by the server so that each recipient can check the integrity of the document e.g. with the aid of Adobe Reader.


Main functions

This product is an independent, free signature capture app and does not require any further software from third-party manufacturers (e.g., no Adobe Acrobat). For integrators, this signature capture app is also available as a component for your own apps.
To run aStepOverSigner, you will need an account with a webSignatureOffice server.

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    • Scan the barcode displayed by webSignatureOffice
    • Alternative: manual entry of document ID displayed by webSignatureOffice
    • Capture signature on the tablet or smartphone to embed it in a PDF/A document on the webSignatureOffice server


    • When using PDF/A-compliant source documents, the document remains as PDF/A-compliant even after the signature
    • ISO standard-compliant PDF signatures - enables verification using all standard products (e.g., Adobe Reader) and interoperability with other standard compliant signature processes and programs
    • Capture a handwritten electronic signature via your tablet and smartphone



    • Sign directly in the document (The tablet/smartphone displays the document section around the respective signature field in order to create a visual link between the document in the web browser and the capture on the tablet and smartphone.)

Ability to customize/integrate

    • Can be fully integrated as a component in a customer app, i.e., adapted to corporate design



    • Automatic signature field start-up during the signature process and zoom if necessary
    • Different handling of mandatory and optional signature fields (aborting mandatory field = aborting the entire signature process)



    • Supports Android tablets/smartphones encryption of biometric data with 2048-bit RSA keys
    • The time-delayed signing of the same document without loss off security is possible at any time
    • Form fields automatically locked with the first signature
    • Signatures can be checked comfortably (via Adobe Acrobat Reader)
    • Secure communication via https

Software versions

for Android tablets and smartphones


System prerequisites

Hardware prerequisites

Android tablets and smartphones

Operating system

Android 4.0 and higher versions

Information material

Information about StepOver signature software:

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