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StepOver's customers, who use electronic signature


Some 48,000 units of the naturaSign Pad Standard and naturaSign Pad Mobile, are used both internally and externally.


Nearly 6,000 units of the naturaSign Pad Colour are used in conjunction with eSignatureOffice at advisers desks and in trade, as well as at the counter.


This South African bank currently has nearly 4,850 units of the naturaSign Pad Colour in conjunction with the API Signature at its counters.


8,500 naturaSign Pad Mobile are used, in conjunction with eSignatureOffice.


TMHDE is currently using 300 eSignatureSuite "Tablet-PC-Editions" for customers throughout Germany.


3,200 units of the naturaSign Pad Classic with MS Windows and Linux are used in its subsidiaries and by its in-house staff.

Dräger medical

Nearly 1.300 workplaces in Germany, Belgium, Holland, Spain, the United Kingdom and Austria use the naturaSign Pad Standard 2 in conjunction with eSignatureOffice.


Service technicians use 600 units of the naturaSign Pad Classic in conjunction with the eSignatureOffice in the field.