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Command line driven solution for electronic signatures

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Software available in different versions

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EasySigner enables the simple, command line-controlled integration of secure handwritten e-signatures in your application. The EasySigner can be integrated into any customer application as a signature acquisition window do not require any programming. It is controlled via start parameters. In the free basic version, signatures can be saved as bitmap or JPG files. With a premium update, it is also possible to sign PDF/A documents using the EasySigner command-line.



The basic function of the EasySigner

The free basic version of EasySigner allows the user to capture signatures, which can then be saved as Bitmap or JPG files. For this purpose, the EasySigner must be accessed via command-line parameters. This way, the EasySigner can be integrated into any customer individual application as a signature acquisition window without any additional programming. EasySigner offers multiple optional start parameters, e.g. to insert text in signature pad screens, automatic cropping of the recorded signature to minimize the space occupied by the stored image, etc.


Extension possibilities for the EasySigner

An extension is available for purchase that allows the EasySigner to control the StepOver Software API and to sign PDF/A documents using command line controls. This way, the signature functionality of StepOver products can also be integrated into a customer application without any additional programming. The EasySigner only pops up as a signature acquisition window. From version 5.x, the EasySigner can also encode PDF/A documents with asymmetric encryption (up to 4096-bit RSA), which makes it highly suitable for the setup of systems that use advanced e-signatures.


Document viewing mode

EasySigner Asym standard is compatible with document visualization mode and signing in document mode for StepOver signature pads with color screen:

Software versions

In the "Basic" version (EasySigner Basic, etc.) the StepOver EasySigner can only save image versions of the signature (JPG or bitmap). In the "Asym" version (EasySigner Asym etc.) PDF/A documents are supported for the signing process, both with symmetric and asymmetric encryption. Therefore, with the "Asym" version, systems for "simple" and "advanced" e-signatures can be set up. "Standard" products (e.g. EasySigner Asym Standard) only support StepOver signature pads as acquisition devices. Licenses are issued per workplace.

EasySigner Basic Standard
Version 6.x

SOI order no.: 130060695

EasySigner Asym Standard
Version 6.x

SOI order no.: 130060725

$ 94.00

System prerequisites

Operating system

Windows 10 / 11

Hardware prerequisites

A minimum of Dual-core Processor with at least 1 GHz and 1 GB RAM | Recommended: Dual-core Processor from 2GHz and 2 GB RAM

Storage capacity

120 MB free disk space on hard drive memory (also for temporary data)

Monitor resolution

A resolution of at least 640x480 with 8-bit color depth

Information material

Information about StepOver signature software:

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