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With over 100,000 installations in Germany alone in the sectors of insurance, banking, industry, and healthcare, eSignatureSuite is probably the best-selling software for the handwritten electronic signature in Europe and the virtual standard in the German insurance sector. The reasons for this are both its excellent product security and the flexibility it offers with regard to the integration into existing software environments and processes. eSignatureSuite is a complete stand-alone PDF/A signing solution which does not require any additional third-party software products.

eSignatureSuite is best suited for "simple" and "advanced" electronic signature systems.




New in version 6

    • Sign with your Smartphone or Tablet: iStepOverSigner (iOS) oder aStepOverSigner (Android)
    • In accordance with the technical guideline (BSI TR-02102-1) of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), longer keys than the currently valid 2048 bit keys are recommended for electronic signatures as of 01.01.2023. eSignatureSuite version 6 supports keys with up to 4096 bit in connection with the current device firmware and is thus prepared for the future.
    • New way of document viewing on StepOver signature pads called “Continuous Scrolling”: With the brand new duraSign Pad US 10.0 users are able to scroll over multible pages (no page flip necessary)


    • Option to sync document navigation between eSignatureSuite & StepOver signature pad. In a counter situation, the user can use the sync function to specifically control the display of the desired document page for the customer on the signature pad.
    • Supports ZUGFeRD documents, PDF/A-2b documents, PDF/A-3b documents.
    • Supports terminal server environments when connected to our TCP- or Citrix Module.
    • Device mapping = several signature devices can be controlled from one PC specifically for different signatures in the document. The new feature helps in situations where.
    • The signatories should sign physically separated from each other (e.g. truck scales).


The signing solution for PDF/A Documents

eSignatureSuite makes it possible to display and sign PDF/A documents. Form fields can also be filled out and saved in eSignatureSuite. The signature software eSignatureSuite is able to provide you with the highest possible security through bi-asymmetric encryption and is compatible with the use of maximum security signature pads from StepOver, which add the captured signature to the document encoding the biometric data with an RSA encryption in the device.


Web Functionality

eSignatureSuite can be executed and controlled from your internet application (even through websites). eSignatureSuite also supports http(s) and FTP file download for documents (PDF/A files) and control files (e.g., configuration files, signature templates, etc.), as well as data transfer (upload) via FTP and http(s).


Automation through intelligent signature templates

Intelligent signature templates assist you with the automatic capture of signatures and their proper positioning in your electronic document. This works even for dynamically generated documents, in which the position of the signature fields varies according to the size of the document. The places where a signature is required in a document can be established through keywords in the text (for example, always below the word "signature"), as well as through predefined signature fields in the PDF document.


Intelligent signature templates control the signing sequence of all mandatory fields and all optional signature fields and, upon demand, pass this status information on to the customer's software. Depending on the situation and document type, intelligent signature templates can also carry out different kinds of macro actions (see automation).


Automation through intelligent file renaming

The signed PDF/A document often needs to be given a name that is partially derived from its content, such as the order number or client name. Intelligent file renaming can automatically search the PDF/A document for keywords (for example, the order number) and subsequently use these words or characters for the final file name of the signed PDF/A document. Intelligent file renaming can also be combined with a signature template for a fully automated signing process, in which the user is taken from one signature field to the following, and only has to sign.


A totally flexible standard application

Upon signing using the eSignatureSuite, the document can be automatically forwarded through the customer's internal workflow. Numerous possibilities for integration into existing processes are available. For an application to be flexible, the technical, as well as the functional and optical adaptability, is highly. Buttons and functions that are not intended for user use can be blocked and disabled by the administrator. Even software design can be changed. These individual settings and much more can then be exported in a configuration file (.scs) and uploaded to any number of clients.



    • Sign directly in the document (no separate window is opened for the signature)
    • Displaying the PDF's table of contents
    • Preview the pages of the PDF as thumbnails
    • Zoom, scroll and flick through PDF documents
    • Fill in the PDF's form fields and then save completed documents
    • View the full document on the StepOver's color-screen signature pads (for example, duraSign Pad US 10.0)
    • Total control over restricted access (for example hiding certain icons)



    • Any document from a printable Windows application using the enclosed PDF converter
    • PDF/A documents created by the customer
    • PDF/A documents including signature fields added by the customer
    • PDF/A documents including form fields added by the customer
    • File transfer to eSignatureSuite via program call and transfer of start-up settings (also in XML)
    • Documents input also possible via http(s) and FTP
    • Transfer of signature templates with optional and mandatory signature fields, as well as other instructions (for example, instructions about transfer or further processing of documents)
    • PDF form fields partially or fully filled out from the customer application
    • Transfer of individual settings for appearance and software functionality preferences




    • If the document sent to the application is a PDF/A compliant, then eSignatureSuite will provide a file in this format
    • The outgoing file will contain signatures compliant with ISO standards, allowing the verification of the PDF within any "standard" product (for example, Adobe Reader), as well as being compatible with other signature solutions and tools compliant with the standard
    • Signatures based on a certificate can also be used as handwritten electronic signatures
    • When used in conjunction with a StepOver signature pad, the resulting advanced electronic signature is compliant with the e-Sign law
    • Export documents via http(s), FTP and e-mail
    • Generate a file with information for the corporate application about the status of each signature field (whether they have been signed or not, etc.)
    • Print signed documents



    • The customizable user interface (you can modify and deactivate a range of icons)
    • Complete integration into corporate applications as a visual component (OCX)
    • Settings can be created in one workplace and then can be exported and imported to any other workplace as a configuration file
    • eSignatureSuite can be used as a plug-in for browsers such as Internet Explorer (IE6 onwards)
    • The on-demand branding tool allows administrators to modify the user interface almost indefinitely (available on demand)



    • Intelligent signature templates (for example, automatic positioning of the signature field above keywords in dynamic documents)
    • Zoom feature during the signing process and automatic jump to the next signature field
    • Different treatment for compulsory and optional signature fields (when 'cancel' is selected in a compulsory field, the whole signature process is canceled)
    • Define macros to automate events (for example save, print, send the document by email, upload files, transfer files to other programs)
    • Intelligent file naming (for example automatically detect order number within a PDF and assign this as the name, or part of the name, of the file)



    • The StepOver Signature pads use up to 4096-bit RSA encryption of biometric data within the Signature pad itself provides maximum security
    • The StepOver Signature pads support digital document signing on the Signature pad itself
    • Optional up to 4096-bit RSA encryption of biometric data within the software, if another signature device is in use lower security
    • Supports time servers for attaching time stamps to signatures (time server requires an internet connection)
    • Sign the document without compromising security
    • Automatic blocking of signature fields after the first signature
    • The captured signature is easily verified (for example, with Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Software versions

The software variant with the extension "Standard" only supports StepOver signature pads as input devices. The software variant with the extension "Tablet PC and Smartphone" supports not only StepOver signature pads but also Tablet PCs, iStepOverSigner and aStepOverSigner. The software is licensed per workstation.

eSignatureSuite Standard
Version 6.x

SOI order no.: 130061302

$ 149.00

eSignatureSuite Tablet-PC and smartphone
Version 6.x

SOI order no.: 130061296

$ 184.00

eSignatureSuite Demoversion
for Standard and Tablet-PC version

Fully functional with watermark

$ 0,00

Please get in touch with our consulting team before buying a Tablet PC software version our consulting team.

System prerequisites

Hardware prerequisites

A minimum Dual-core Processor of at least 1 GHz and 1 GB RAM | Recommended: Dual-core Processor from 2GHz and 2 GB RAM

Storage capacity

150 MB free disk space on hard drive memory (also for temporary data)

Monitor resolution

A resolution of at least 1024x768 with 16-bit color depth

Operating system

Windows 10 / 11

Information material

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