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Software API

Software API

API / SDK to integrate e-signatures

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Software API

Software available in different versions

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Creating an electronic signature records the image of the signature and the biometric data in PDF/A format, and links it to the document through HASH algorithms and asymmetric encryption, preventing manipulation and theft. The latest StepOver signature pads links and encrypts the data directly in the hardware of the device, and with the help of the Software API and the free Hardware API, it is possible to create basic and advanced applications for electronic signing. The Software API is an OCX component that is integrated into your application and can operate alongside it. License costs are charged per workstation for the Software API application.

The Software API is highly suitable for the setup of a simple and advanced e-signatures system.



The signature in the document

In addition to the static signature image, which is visibly inserted into the document by the Software API, encrypted and compressed dynamic biometric data is embedded into the document. This includes vertical, horizontal, and pressure components, as well as temporal evolution, including acceleration, that the StepOver Hardware API outputs after encryption (4-dimensional signature data). This biometric data can be used in the event of a legal dispute at a later stage or confirmed in real time if an identity check is required. Verification based on a signature reproduced on paper is also possible.


Secure e-Signature

The Software API combines the security of the hash algorithms, such as SHA512, with up to 4096-bit RSA encryption, based on two asymmetric key pairs. The Software API offers the highest level of security possible when combined with StepOver signature pads, as the encryption takes place directly in the hardware. Therefore, it is not possible to change a document after signing it without this being detected by a verification process. It is also impossible to insert the signature into another document, since the biometric data is embedded within the document and encoded with the document content using an asymmetric encryption algorithm (public key). The second key pair of the procedure allows you to identify the user digitally if desired.


Unique features

    • Bi-asymmetric encryption up to RSA 4096 bit
    • Secure checksum generation, e.g. with SHA512
    • Embedding of the signature image and biometric data in PDF/A documents
    • Possibility of contacting our developers
    • PDF/A documents signed with the Software API are 100% compatible with PDF/A documents signed using eSignatureSuite and EasySigner
    • Compatible with document display mode and signing in a document mode for StepOver signature pads with color screens

Software versions

Licenses are issued per workplace.

Version 4.x

SOI order no.: 130060442

$ 94.00

Software API Tablet PC
Version 4.x

SOI order no.: 130061166

$ 129.00

Software-API trial version
Version 4.x

Fully functional with watermark

$ 0.00

Please check with our consulting team before purchasing a tablet PC software version.

System prerequisites

Operating system

Windows 10 / 11

Hardware prerequisites

A minimum of Dual-core Processor with at least 1 GHz and 1 GB RAM | Recommended: Dual-core Processor from 2GHz and 2 GB RAM

Storage capacity

100 MB free disk space on hard drive memory (also for temporary data)

Monitor resolution

A resolution of at least 1024x768 with 16-bit color depth

Information material

Information about StepOver signature software:

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