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StepOver Plugin for Office

StepOver Plugin for Office

Give your Word and Excel - documents a personal touch

StepOver Plugin for Office

Software available in different versions

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The free StepOver Plugin for Office can be used to capture signatures with a StepOver signature pad and insert them into a Word or Excel document. The documents signed with Plugin for Office can be displayed in any Word or Excel application (without additional software) and edited further.

Important note:
However, the signed documents do not have any more legal validity than before through the added signature image. For a more legally-admissible signature, please use eSignatureSuite.



The functions of Plugin for Office

After installing the StepOver Plugin for Office, an additional tab called StepOver appears in Microsoft Word and Excel. Under this tab you will find three buttons with the following functions:

    • Selection of the signature pad
    • Size and position settings of the signature field
    • Capturing and inserting the signature

Software versions

StepOver Plugin for Office
Version 1.x

SOI order no.: 130060138

The StepOver Plugin for Office is free of charge and, therefore includes no support.

System prerequisites

Microsoft Word versions

Microsoft Word 2010 to Microsoft Word 2021 (32 bit and 64 bit versions of Microsoft Office)

System requirements

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8; Microsoft Visual Studio 2010-Tools for Office-Runtime

Storage space

85 MB free disk space

Information material

Information about StepOver signature software:

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