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StepOver PlugIn for Word

StepOver PlugIn for Word

Give your Word - documents a personal touch

StepOver PlugIn for Word

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The free StepOver PlugIn for MS-Word can be used to capture signatures with a StepOver signature pad and insert them into a Word document. The documents signed with the PlugIn for Word can be displayed in any Word application (without additional software) and edited further.

Important note:
However, the signed documents do not have any more legal validity than before through the added signature image. For a more legally-admissible signature, please use eSignatureSuite.



The functions of the PlugIn for Word

The plug-in installs four macro buttons in MS-Word. Functions of the macro buttons from left to right:

    • The configuration of the signature pad
    • Signature acquisition and insertion
    • Secure the document from modifications with password protection
    • Set the default size of the signature field

Software versions

StepOver PlugIn for Word
Version 4.x

SOI order no.: 130060138

The StepOver Word PlugIn is free of charge and, therefore includes no support.

System prerequisites

Microsoft Word versions

Microsoft Word 2003 up to Microsoft Word 2016 (only in 32-Bit versions)

System requirements

See MS-Word

Storage space

25 MB free disk space

Screen resolution

See MS-Word

Information material

Information about StepOver signature software:

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