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StepOver TCP extension

StepOver TCP extension

A helping hand for your remote desktop environment

StepOver TCP extension

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The StepOver TCP extension allows the use of current StepOver signature pads in conjunction with a remote desktop environment. The TCP extension secures the data connection and, with it, any transmission between the signature pad connected to the client and the server on which the signature software is installed.

Document signing is supported by all current StepOver signature pads (including document display on signature pads with a color screen).



With this solution, a TCP-IP connection is used to establish communication between the signature pad and the server. This transmission applies a DLL (i.e., a small program) to both the server and client. The advantage of this is that the signature software on the server does not notice up on the fact that the signature pad is not connected locally. Consequently, you don’t need to make any special adjustments to the signature software.


The small client program oversees server requests on a certain port. These requests are then forwarded to the connected signature pad and executed there. The requested data (e.g., encrypted biometric signature data) is returned.

The requirement for this solution: The server always has to know the client IP address (recorded in a config file).


Unique selling points & additional features

    • Supports all current StepOver signature pads
    • Remote desktop support
    • Communication over TCP tunnel
    • Minimal installation required on the client-server
    • No source-code adjustments to the signature software required on the server (e.g., when using our Software API)

Software versions

The extensions themselves are free. However, in order to use them you will have to purchase a software license (e.g. from eSignatureSuite) for each workstation in which it is used. You will also need a license for the server.

StepOver TCP-Extension
for Windows


For free

StepOver TCP-Extension
for Linux


For free


System prerequisites

Operating systems

Windows 10 / 11 and Linux, please contact our consulting team.

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Please contact our technical support team for more detailed information.

Information material

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