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The online web-based signature solution for secure signing and sending documents instantly from anywhere and from any device


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webSignatureOffice(.com) is a fully web-based signature solution which allows you to sign read-only PDF/A documents. Various people can sign online at various locations worldwide and with a wide variety of signature capture devices or even without any additional hardware. This makes the signature workflow much easier. In addition to the immediate use of this online signature service, a separate signature server can be created for you.



Simple and straightforward for signatories

The signatories of the document only need a web browser to view the document comfortably, fill out any existing form fields if necessary, and provide their electronic signature. webSignatureOffice(.com) is an independent product and does not require the installation of additional local applications and plug-ins such as Flash or Adobe Reader, because it does not require these to display the document in the web browser.


webSignatureOffice(.com) supports the use of certificate-based digital signatures (without signature capture devices) and handwritten signatures using various signature capture devices. * You can also use the free iSignatureSuite app to sign documents on your iPad or iPhone, as this is fully supported by

*When you use your device for the first time, you’ll be asked to install a small program to connect your StepOver Signature Pad to a local WebSocket and allow webSignatureOffice to access it (works with all major browsers; e.g., Firefox, Chrome, and Edge).


How does webSignatureOffice work?

As a registered user, you can upload, manage, and delete documents in the administration area.


Specify signature fields

When you select a document, you can initially specify where signatures are required and whether they are optional or compulsory. The position of the signature fields can be set both by manually selecting the space using the mouse or by automatically finding the signature areas in the documents by entering search terms using webSignatureOffice(.com). These search of signature templates can also be saved and used again for other documents. These signature templates are perfect for documents with dynamic content in which the position of the signature fields varies.


Specify and add signatories

For each signature field, one person or group taken from the contact list on webSignatureOffice(.com) can be specified to sign the document at that point. Furthermore, external participants can also be invited to be a signatory via email; they will then be given the opportunity to view the document in, to complete it if necessary, and to sign it. To do this, the external participants must either have a supported signature capturing device or they must complete a one-off identity check for the webSignatureOffice server in order to receive a digital signature certificate, which they can then use as a guest signer.


Invite signatories and monitor the process

To coordinate the timing, you can enter an expiration date by which point all signatures required in the document must be provided. The automatic reminder service from webSignatureOffice(.com) will then warn the relevant people and groups of the missing signatures before the deadline expires and keep them up to date on the status of the process. If you wish to give the signatories further information in the automatically generated invitation email, then you can also give details here.



Each signatory automatically receives an invitation email from the system containing a link to the document to be signed. As soon as the signatory starts the signature process, they are automatically taken to all relevant signature fields. The signatures that have already been made can be viewed. After the process is successfully completed you and, if applicable, all other signatories will receive the signed document. Additionally, you can find a complete audit trail/process tracking info under the "History" page.


After signing

After the process is successfully completed you and, if applicable, all other signatories will receive the signed document for further editing and archiving. Additionally, under the "History" page you can find a complete audit trail/process tracking about the signing processes and document changes for all processes you have initiated.


Signature verification

webSignatureOffice(.com) uses ISO-compliant signatures, which enables any recipient to check the document using free standard software (e.g., Adobe Reader).


webSignatureOffice in conjunction with StepOver Signature pads

Just like signing on paper, when we use signature pads it’s the graphologist who establishes to whom the signature belongs to. A key factor in the security of signature, in addition to the capturing quality of the signature pad, a secure link between the document and the biometric data from the signature and a secure encryption is the most important. By using StepOver signature pads, the biometric data of the signature is safely encrypted in the signature pad and thus linked with the document in such a way to prevent misuse.


Certificate-based signature with webSignatureOffice

The signature certificate is automatically created, encrypted, and saved by webSignatureOffice(.com) for the respective user. The password must be re-entered by each signatory as authorization. The reliability of the respective certificate-based signature depends primarily on the signatory’s secure handling of their password and on the strength of the identification features on which the certificate was based. webSignatureOffice offers the user various identification methods that can vary greatly in their cost and security.

Available identification methods:

    • Email identification (low security)
    • Mail identification (high security)


The two server models

Online signature service

We offer individuals and smaller businesses an online signature service based on a webSignatureOffice server. Sign documents in a short time or invite other people to sign the documents.

Self-hosted model

This model is intended for larger business clients who value having everything under their own control and wish to integrate webSignatureOffice completely into their own web application. 


Additional functions of the self-hosted model (company server)

Business customers can also host the server themselves and in doing so have the option to address and control it directly via the interfaces (web services) from the customer’s own system. This allows, for example, the delivery of automatically created documents with the appropriate signature templates and expiry specifications from the customer’s system to the webSignatureOffice service and to automatically read out and process finished signed documents. Almost all the administration and process creation of webSignatureOffice can thus be automated by the customer system.



    • PDF/A documents created by the customer (manually uploaded)
    • It is also possible for the above PDF documents to have customer-defined signature fields
    • It is also possible for the above PDF documents to have customer-created form fields
    • Data transfer to the webSignatureOffice using the server interface and XML (only for the self-hosted model)
    • Transfer of a complete signature process (signature template) with optional signature fields, compulsory fields, and other procedure plans (e.g., on transfer / later editing of the document) using XML via the server interface (only for the self-hosted model)
    • (Partial) pre-filling of PDF form fields from your customer's application using the server interface (only for the self-hosted model)



    • When the source document is PDF/A compliant, the document remains PDF/A compliant after signing
    • ISO-compliant PDF signatures - can be checked using all standard products (e.g., Adobe Reader) and enables interoperability with other signature processes and programs that conform to the standards
    • You can choose between a handwritten electronic signature with the StepOver signature pad, an iPhone or iPad, Android smartphone and a certificate-based signature
    • A finished signed document can be manually downloaded to the local PC at any time
    • Return file (XML) via the server interface, which reports back to the superior customer application on the status of each individual signature field and contains the signed document (only for the self-hosted model)


Ability to customize / integrate / automation

    • Can be fully integrated into the customer’s own web application (only for the self-hosted model)
    • Limiting of user rights and management of user groups (only for the self-hosted model)
    • Template management (saving documents for re-use, including signature templates)
    • Intelligent signature templates (e.g., an automated positioning of signature fields, even for dynamic documents, e.g., using keywords)
    • Jumps automatically to the signature fields during the signing process and zooms in if necessary
    • Handles compulsory and optional signature fields differently (stops at compulsory field = stops the whole signing process)


Ease of use and user-friendliness

    • Sign directly in the document (no separate signature window)
    • Preview of the selected PDF
    • Allows browsing, zooming, and continuous scrolling of PDF documents
    • Fills in PDF form fields and supports checkboxes, radio buttons, and drop-down menus, as well as saving them
    • Extensive options for restricting access
    • Signing is possible without additional tools
    • Easy to manage contacts
    • Signature invitation in 3 simple steps
    • Clear document management with status tracking and automatic reminder (for all signatories)
    • Possible to specify expiration dates for signing



    • Supports signature pads encryption of the biometric data with RSA 4096 Bit in connection with StepOver signature pads (maximum security!)
    • Supports signature pads digital signing of the document in connection with StepOver signature pads
    • Supports certificate-based digital signatures (using server-based certificates - linked to the signatory’s user account)
    • Delayed signing is possible at any time without compromising safety
    • Form fields automatically locked once signed
    • Signatures provided can easily be checked (using Adobe Acrobat Reader)
    • Secure communication over https
    • Various authentication processes available
    • The option of multifactor authentication

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webSignatureOffice - Online signature service
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webSignatureOffice - Self-hosted model
Version 1.x

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Registration is free and the charges for the credits can be found in the price list on Every registered user will be provided free-of-charge credits for testing the product.

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