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StepOver gained with Nedbank Ltd. a major bank in South Africa

Nedbank Group is one of South Africa's four largest banking groups by assets and deposits, with Nedbank Ltd a principal banking subsidiary. The Bank is supplying financial services to corporates, individuals and retails.

Being one of South Africa’s leading Banks, the bank processing millions of documents per year and most of them are printed ONLY to be signed. All documents from their branches countrywide were regularly delivered to the company’s head office for storage. This process was quite slow and enormously costly and not adequate for an innovative company like Nedbank.

The Solution - StepOver signature capturing tablet "naturaSign Pad Colour" and the signature software "Signature API"

StepOver's partner Datafinity implemented and deployed StepOver's Handwritten Signature solution into Nedbank's workflow. By integrating StepOver signature solution, no workflow change was forced on the Bank and all documents were simply converted into pdf format and the customer simply signs on a digital signature tablet. The biometric data of each signature will be securely embedded to the document and encrypted. Thereafter the full electronic file is automatically sent to the Document Management Server. The StepOver electronic signature technology increased the process efficiency, saved a significant amount of money and while securing the whole process even increases the cost/benefit ratio of other related systems.

The Benefits for Nedbank at one glance:

    • Quicker document handling
    • Improves customer service by shorter waiting periods
    • Improves company's innovative image
    • Requires no changes to customers signing habits
    • Fast and complete integration into existing processes
    • The solution is intuitive and required minimal training of sales staff

Significant cost savings compared to paper‐based processes through:

    • Elimination of paper usage, transport costs and physical storage
    • Reduction of processing times
    • Immediate access by head office to signed contracts – transparent tracking