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Use of StepOver signature pads in internal corporate processes

StepOver products have multiple uses in internal corporate processes. Some chain stores choose to use electronic signatures to avoid paper forms relating to internal accounting (employees). This allows them to perform accounting processes between individual branches and headquarters electronically and without communication failures. Automated processes lead to a huge saving of resources and achieve a certain degree of optimization.

Paper forms may contain errors, may be incomplete or illegible and may often require a great deal of clarification between employees and corresponding departments, thus requiring many corrections. All this is now a thing of the past. With electronic signatures, all relevant information for individual accounting can be transferred to the relevant software for later processing, in a fraction of the time that was previously required.

Another very useful application of the product is the verification and authorization of accounts. In some companies, accounts are even authorized directly by electronic signature after being checked by an auditor.
Given that our devices not only record the image of a signature but also biometric data such as the pressure and signing speed, etc., the signature can be presented in court in the event of legal proceedings for analysis by a graphological expert.

For use in internal corporate processes, an electronic signature device with a smaller screen is usually sufficient, since the signer can see the document that is being signed on his or her own computer screen. The following electronic signature device models are best suited to this kind of use: naturaSign Pad Light and naturaSign Pad Economy.


    • Printing forms and filling them out by hand are no longer necessary
    • Misplacing documents in paper files is now a thing of the past
    • No more time lost due to the posting, scanning, and destruction of documents
    • Clarification is no longer necessary for forms that contain errors or are incomplete or illegible, thanks to the plausibility checks that can be carried out at the moment the form is being filled out
    • It is no longer necessary to manually enter data in an ERP system: the process is automated
    • Processes are optimized thanks to the considerable saving in paper and postage costs and the elimination of many manual stages of the process
    • No more lost receipts and costly re-creation later on
    • Processes are more transparent, since there is more data that can be consulted at any moment, such as evaluations or the status of a particular process
    • Internal digital processes are made clearer, and responsibilities are more transparent

e-Signature solution for a paperless HR department

Einzelhandel | StepOver

Since implementing StepOver’s e-Signature solution, the leading food retailer’s HR department handles the administrative process between the headquarters and the branches across all national subsidiaries through their company application staff portal to process all the documents electronically.