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Sign pdf online – with your embedded logo

Sign online

StepOver's digital OEM signature solution – integrated into your individual software workflow, in the Cloud or hosted on your servers.

StepOver offers the building blocks for your individual OEM solution for electronic signatures. This enables you to create an integrated, secure and proven digital signature application for yourself or your customers.

Module 1 - the hosting:

We offer two options - either we host your signature server in the cloud (based on AWS) or install a server for the digital signature at your premises.

Module 2 - the web interface:

In the web interface you create electronic signature requests or sign pdf documents online. Adaptable to your design and processes.

Module 3 - the apps:

For Android as well as for IOS we deliver API's for digital signatures, or even the complete apps with your design and logo.

Module 4 - signature pads:

Our signature pads also work web-based, if desired.

All four modules can be integrated individually or together into your individual software processes. Benefit from our experience and our technology - sign online in compliance with eIDAS and E-Sign Law. With StepOver's electronic signature modules, you can create your own signature application in a short time or integrate the electronic signature into your existing digital process.

We are happy to help you:

We are happy to help you: